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Getting married in the winter is a wonderful idea. It is impossible to imagine a more intimate setting than winter’s cold and snow. Consider hiring a wedding planner for a winter wedding package when you are looking for the perfect winter wedding ideas.

In recent years, couples have become increasingly interested in winter wedding packages as they search for the perfect approach to traveling from location to location while still having an amazing wedding experience. Our winter wedding venue in Ontario offers a wide range of options, so you’re sure to match the right choice for your individual style and budget.

In terms of wedding packages, wellness spa resorts are among the most popular choices. An arrangement at an idyllic resort can make your winter wedding ceremony into a truly magical experience, regardless of whether you get married in December or January.


Your winter wedding venue will be one of the most important decisions, but so will your winter wedding ideas for the party. Make sure you search through various reception venues and find the best one that suits yours as well as your would-be partner’s taste.

Incorporate a theme

Many winter wedding themes are incorporated into winter wedding ideas. Perhaps an old barn, a spectacular manor house, or even a castle would be ideal venues for an elegant winter reception with delicate decorations and a very formal appearance? Wedding venues that offer this option are an excellent choice for winter wedding ideas because they give you the freedom to customize the decorations and other details to fit your personal style.

Add flavors with luxury accommodation such as our wedding venue in Ontario

In the winter, gazebos or private estates are preferred locations for couples who are getting married. Think about having your ceremony in a more formal setting with twinkling lights under the stars. When you plan to exchange your vows during the evening, and you would like the room to be illuminated with lighting, you may consider arranging the event at a winter wedding venue specially allocated for conducting winter weddings. It’s an excellent way to add a bit more sparkle to the occasion.

Be authentic and original

You can select from a wide range of customized wedding invitations and accessories to create an unforgettable winter wedding event once you decide on your winter wedding ideas. No matter what you decide for your winter wedding, it will be an unforgettable day for you and your partner. Plan your wedding ideas carefully. There is no doubt that your winter wedding ideas will leave an impression on your guests for an elongated time period. We’ve curated a list of ideas you can incorporate into your wedding planning to make your winter wedding a memorable moment.

Here you go!

Create an enchanting atmosphere by lighting up your aisle

What else could be a better idea than to ask the decorator to add some rosy beauty underneath the beautiful lighting arrangement in the aisle? It will create a memorable experience for every amazing guest you invite to be a part of your captivating wedding ideas.

Use twinkle lights and candles to decorate your venue

The perfect way to make your guests feel cozy is to add candles or twinkle lights to the wedding venue. String them into a majestic canopy at the reception, dangle them from the ceiling, or incorporate them into the tablescape. There are a lot of details that can create an intimate atmosphere, from choosing the right venue to seating everyone at one long table.

Add a Touch of Whimsy with Pine Cones

You can make your decor look festive and wintery with ornaments, berries, pinecones, logs, and white birch branches. If you prefer a more natural look, incorporate glistening snow-covered pine cones into a garland runner.

Wedding Invitations in Warm Winter Style

Invitations for winter weddings come in a variety of styles. Your invitation will ultimately reflect the theme of your wedding.

Add a touch of elegance with accessories

An elegant winter wedding is made possible by glamorous dresses and accessories. With endless options for boleros and furs, you can accessorize your winter wedding dress in style. Also, dressing the bridesmaids in winter wedding gowns will create the perfect atmosphere on the big day. They are a beautiful and romantic choice for winter weddings but are also comfortable and appropriate. They are also perfect for any winter wedding ideas you may have in mind. Moreover, bridesmaids will not have to worry about a sudden outbreak of blustery weather ruining their dresses.

A warm outfit for the groomsmen

Choosing a winter wedding ensemble for your groomsmen isn’t limited to your imagination. You can trade the suit jacket for a warm sweater or cardigan. Adding sweater vests, scarves, and heavy wool jackets will make you feel even warmer.

Don’t forget to provide blankets for your guests

You can even give your guests a wedding favor by having them take home the blankets they bedecked themselves with while you exchange your vows. Your guests will take home a forever memory.

Stations for serving hot food and drinks

Keep in mind that happy guests are warm guests! Adding one or more hot food and beverage stations to your wedding is one of the finest ways to keep your guests comfortable during the reception. Serving food that will warm your guests’ tummies is a smart idea during the cocktail hour and reception! Sitting down meals should include soups, meats, and potatoes, but desserts should include rich cocoa bars, hot toddies, and iced cider.

Wedding Favors Inspired by Winter

Customized wedding favors will truly remind your guests of your special day. You might want to give your guests items that they can use repeatedly, like a ceramic mug or a candle scented with Frasier fir. You can also go with food if you like edible favors. As an alternative, you can give DIY mulling spices, hot cocoa cones, or candy canes to your guests!

Choose a seasonally appropriate wedding cake

For your winter nuptials, you’ll find a number of seasonal cake flavors to choose from, just as pumpkin spice is synonymous with fall.

Secret Tip

Get up and dance: Getting the party started is a great way to warm up! Guests will feel the heat as soon as they hit the dance floor. Especially to warm up the cozy winter wedding venue, make sure the lights, dance, and music are in synch to create the magic winter weddings carry.

Why Choose Our Wedding Venue in Ontario?

Let us help you realize the dream of your fairytale wedding when you plan it. Our Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreats and Spas are dedicated to ensuring your wedding dreams come true. The banquet hall is inviting and filled with charm. A sense of happiness is generated at the entrance, while tranquility may be experienced at the back. One of the most sought-after destinations for weddings, pre-weddings, bridal showers, bachelorettes, and more, our wellness spa retreat and resort are highly sought-after.

When it comes to planning a wedding at a luxurious spa resort, we invite you to come and check out our accommodation and stunning views. We also consider it our duty to provide consistently high-quality service due to our reputation as a luxury spa resort. Come to us for a memorable wedding celebration. We are pleased to share that Northumberland Heights Wellness Spa Retreats has also been awarded the Traveler’s Choice Award by Tripadvisor for 2021. We are certainly the best wedding venue in Ontario that you would be glad to organize your big day with us.

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