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Updated: Sep 7, 2022

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The colder months are the perfect time to include regular massage therapy into your schedule. Physically, you may experience stiff joints and muscles; emotionally, you may feel dull and restless from cabin fever. Not only is it necessary to change your wardrobe, but also your routine as well. Besides affecting what you wear, the weather can also affect how you feel. Make sure you take good care of yourself using body massage therapy.


Cold weather can cause aches and pains that can be relieved with body massage therapy. Maintaining a regular massage schedule can help prevent injury during winter activities. When you gently press and knead your muscles, they become more flexible and stable. The benefits of wintertime activities will not only increase with a body massage, but you will also reduce the chances of injury.

Here are a few ways your body reacts to fluctuations in colder temperature.

Cold hits the anatomy of your head badly

Constricted blood vessels in the brain can cause headaches. Cold weather can narrow blood vessels, reducing blood flow, or extreme cold, glare from the sun, and turbulent weather can cause chemical imbalances in the brain, triggering a migraine.

Winter season and moist skin are a rare combination

The air becomes less moist as the weather cools, which makes the skin less moist. Skin can become dry and irritated by strong winds, resulting in potential damage to the skin’s lipid barrier. Hydrate the body with plenty of fluids and moisturize the skin with a heavier lotion.

Blasé Mood Winter

It is often associated with low energy because there is less sunlight during the day. The less light you get, the more SERT you produce. This chemical reduces serotonin, lowering your happy hormone. Get as much light exposure as possible by spending time outside or using a lightbox. Also, make the most out of the body massage therapy to cheer yourself up against the wintery cold monsoon.

Pamper your hair and nails in winter

Skin, fingers, and toes become smaller, and their blood vessels narrow during cold weather. It decreases blood flow, nutrition, and oxygen delivery. Hair and nails may become weaker as a result. In addition, cooler temperatures can dry out your skin and nails, increasing their susceptibility to minor cuts and injuries. If you want to keep your skin hydrated and your blood flowing, use your humidifier at home. Also, take regular body massage therapy that establishes a complete connection of your chakras and strengthens your immune against the worst impact of the winter season.

Save yourself from Deficiency of Vitamin D in winters.

We obtain vitamin D3 from our skin by converting cholesterol into vitamin D3. The UV index is low in cold weather, and people tend to stay indoors more and don’t get enough sun exposure. Deficiencies can result in fatigue, muscle weakness, and increased pain sensitivity. Get more vitamin D by taking a supplement or eating fatty fish like salmon and tuna. Daily vitamin D3 intake should not exceed 600 IU.

Save your ‘joints’ from cold

The theory is that cold or damp weather causes joint pain by allowing air pressure around the joints to drop, causing the surrounding soft tissues to expand. As a result, the joint becomes more painful. Cold weather is another theory that directly affects muscle, connective tissue, and ligaments that surround joints, ultimately pulling on nerves. Keeping active is one of the best ways to prevent joint pain. Not only does exercise keep you warm and loosen stiff joints, but it also helps prevent weight gain that can put unnecessary stress on the joints.

Take care of your lungs

Cooler temperatures can cause the small airways to spasm, making them narrower and resulting in shortness of breath. To diffuse the cold air hitting your face directly, wear a scarf or mask over your face. Coughs and Colds You may come into contact with others more often when you are indoors, so it is more likely that you will catch a cold or the flu. It is easy to become infected by viruses without knowing it since most are contagious for a few days before symptoms appear.

Cold viruses can live on infected skin and surfaces for up to three hours. When you’re in a crowd or public place, wear a mask and wash your hands thoroughly.

How We Can Help You?

At Northumberland Heights wellness retreat and get the most relieving body massage therapy. While bolstering your immune system and mood, our massage therapists can help you overcome the winter blues in a much joyful manner. As a wellness massage spa resort, we combine the beauty of nature with a variety of massage services.

Our natural way of doing it provides the feeling of being closer to the roots, while at the same time being surrounded by the most luxurious surroundings in town. Looking for a luxurious body massage therapy experience that can turn your winter blues into an exquisite experience? Look no further than Northumberland Heights.

Let us take you to our ubiquitous spa rooms, where scintillating aroma connects your senses bountifully. Our massage therapists ensure you get the best spa experience and massage the essential oils not just through your body but deep into your senses. By choosing us as your winter therapist, you will reserve for yourself a chance to unlock the immense potential that your body beholds.

Also, you will learn the art of meditation and inner healing through our dedicated lessons. Learn the art of meditation to soothe your body and soul and bring the best out of yourself at Northumberland Heights.

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