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Mother and daughter bond is special and to make it even more special spas play a vital role. Spending a day at a spa with your daughter can be a wonderful experience. In today’s time when everything has picked up a lot of speed and people have become busier than usual, wellness spa massage comes to the rescue to bringing them together.

On one hand, it exposes them to fitness benefits while on the other it brings them in proximity to one another. Here you’ll find ways to create a special spa day for you and your mother!


Pool Spa

Taking a break by the pool is an amazing way to spend time together. The benefits of swimming include improved joint health and improved heart health. You can also take advantage of a day at the pool package at Northumberland Heights, which offers pool and spa fun for you all.

Massage Spa

Northumberland Heights Wellness spa massage offers massage services that can be tailored to your or your loved ones’ specific needs out of a wide variety of worldly traditions. With a wide variety of massages to choose from, it is sure that you will find one that will work for you. The ancient health benefits of these healing rituals date back thousands of years, and the trained therapists at our spa make sure that each massage is a heavenly experience.

Ayurvedic Massage

Utilizing heated oil to relax you and relieve stress, this invigorating massage promotes mental and physical health.

International Massage

Various international massage therapies including Swedish massage, wellness fusion therapy, aromatherapy, hot stone massage, body wraps and more can be experienced at our wellness resort.

Facial Treatments

What else can be the best beauty regime than getting a mom and daughter facial together? You can enjoy facial along with your daughter or vice versa to feel a proximate connection. In order to determine the right facial for your skin, your therapist will ask about both your skin type and any skin concerns you may have.

Depending on the facial, you may be looking to reduce oil, improve elasticity, relieve acne or clean your skin, but every facial will encourage blood flow and collagen production in your face. Stress, tension, and headaches can also be relieved by facials. The following facials ascertain that you and your daughter look ravishing:

Fresh Up Facial: Perfect for dull, lifeless skin, this facial cleanses, cools, and refreshes your skin.

Extended Youth Facial: This facial will benefit you if you wish to counteract the effects of aging. The results of this treatment are to smooth away wrinkles and firm your skin.


These tips should help you make your bonding activity even more memorable.

  1. Choose a time or day of the week when it is not busy. The massage therapist will not feel rushed and he/she will provide you with a more relaxing time.

  2. Both of you should pick the type of massage you want. Choosing a new massage service can be a wonderful way to experience something new even if you prefer to stick to your usual service. You will have an unforgettable bonding experience.

  3. If you are receiving a massage, make sure you do not get disturbed. Keep your phones or any gadget away.

  4. Make sure you are mentally and physically prepared for a massage before you receive it so your treatment goes smoothly.

  5. A massage should be part of your bonding every year.

Visioning Mother-Daughter Spa date out of the town, but doubtful? Read this:

Spa days with your mom in town are great, but spa days out of town are even better since it gives you more time to spend together.

You can also gift a mother-daughter spa to your mom, just to make her feel special or maybe on her birthday. Two of you will have the opportunity to spend a long duration together.

We advise you not to go too far if you really do not want to get into the hustle of too much traveling. However, going a little extra mile from your own county could be refreshing.

What else you can do to feel closer by exchanging valuable thoughts or even cracking some insane jokes that only two of you understand? Get on trekking along the woody terrain at the Northumberland Heights, experience forest bathing, or even cycle together to feel nature in the fresh air you breathe. Trust us, these all are few excursions that people crave.


As mentioned already, our wellness spa massage resort offers a wide range of ayurvedic and other massage treatments. We offer a large variety of facial spa services, as well as manicures and pedicures that are soaked in wine. In addition to being stylish, well maintained, and luxuriously built, we provide our guests with excellent service and care.

When you are looking for a wellness spa resort in Canada, then you should speak with our team about your relaxation and spa needs. Depending on the availability of time, we have created different packages for different groups of guests.

Stay overnight or take advantage of our spa resort’s day spa services; whatever you choose, Northumberland Heights is sure to provide you with optimum relaxation tailored to your individual needs. Besides luxurious and comfortable spa suites, we also offer exciting excursions, such as forest bathing, and luxurious spa packages.

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