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Are you going to be a bride any sooner? If yes, then Bravo!

You are scrolling the right page because this blog will discuss some pre-bridal sessions and how Northumberland Heights, a renowned wellness spa in Ontario, can help you.

We know how crucial it is for a bride to look picture-perfect on her big day. All eyes are on her, which makes her feel pressured unnecessarily. It becomes even worse if she is shy. Not all girls like to get clicked or become a center of attraction, yet the wedding ceremony is one big occasion where the bride and groom catch the major limelight. Therefore, you have to plan your wedding accordingly. By that, we mean your pre-bridal rituals!

Do you feel happy thinking about the day you would be walking down the aisle in your beautiful wedding attire? Keep that spark on because the journey is going to be a little tedious. Unavoidable chores ranging from budgeting to shopping to booking to tailoring, and whatever you can count under necessary wedding arrangements take a complete toll on you. You may face a little tougher time if you are the one having lots of responsibilities on your shoulder due to the absence of siblings or faraway friends and relatives.

We advise you not to lose your control over things and organize your wedding preparations according to priority. But by no means should you ignore the significance of pre-bridal sessions that are once in a lifetime affair.


Pre-Bridal sessions are a mandate because you get tired, and your body starts to reflect the same as the wedding day comes nearer. It is usual for the bride to panic, and her face tells the whole story. You may carry yourself dull on regular days, but you can’t afford to look even an inch lesser on your big day. Therefore, pre-bridal sessions have significant relevance. We hope this is all making sense to you. We are trying to give you an extra push- a motivation to reflect on pre-bridal rituals and book for yourself before it gets too late. Today, wellness and spa resorts take a keen interest in offering custom packages for pre-bridal sessions.

Additionally, you also get a ticket to tranquillize at their spa sessions. You can also book a couple of massages to surprise your spouse with a romantic spa day right before tying the knot. Does this sound exciting? However, we advise you to plan a spa day with your would-be life partner after finishing off your pre-bridal sessions to make it memorable for both of you.

What are Pre-Bridal Sessions?

Pre-bridal sessions involve a thorough cleaning of your body, encompassing exfoliating skin, waxing, body wraps, bleaching, nail and hair-dos, facial and body spa, toning, and more. We suggest that a bride-to-be should begin with pre-bridal beauty rituals before two months of her wedding date.

Facial and body spas are the most critical sessions that bring out the glow in your skin, making it radiate like the sun on your wedding day. Never miss a single pre-bridal session. After all, you put your money and hope into it. It is your right to look the best on your wedding day.

Why Should A Bride Take These Sessions?

You may have tiny marks or scars on your face or body parts that you may not mind on regular days. However, on your wedding day, you will not want others to notice them. When we talk about waxing and related stuff, it all comes under cleanliness which you should indulge in for your health and safety. Likewise, your partner will get impressed by your super soft and waxed legs than that hairy saga on your body. Which look would you consider for your wedding day? Of course, the second one, right?

It is the most prominent reason why pre-bridal sessions are of so much value in the life of a soon-to-be-bride.


We offer a variety of spa and salon services that can be of help to the beautiful bride-to-be. Right from the basic facial to intricate facial spa treatments are available at our property. The bride-to-be must take massage and sauna sessions for restoring body shine. It helps in opening the clogged skin pores and makes it breathe and look younger. A soon-to-be bride can also approach our salon experts for getting exclusive salon services at the most nominal charges during her stay at our property. Not only does the bride gets pampering treatment at Northumberland Heights, but she also learns some lifetime lessons concerning healthy living, yoga, meditation, and more.

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Body massages have utmost significance for obtaining a radiating body and mind. It changes your personality and makes you look even more confident than usual with rejuvenating the nervous system. Our manicure and pedicure techniques leave you in ultimate relaxation, also focusing on your hands and toes. Your exposure to our varietal body wraps will make you want it more. It will exfoliate your skin, and it will give you a radiating glow. You can wear any attire with confidence or may flaunt the challenging outfits during your wedding celebrations. It will leave everyone with a pleasing surprise.

It is equally important to prepare your mind just like you prepare your body for the big day. Northumberland Heights creates a balance between your internal, as well as external beauty. We believe that no matter how many beauty treatments you may undergo, it will never reflect on your face until you feel good from inside. We work with the bride-to-be and suggests her the right kind of spa treatments along with the essential pre-bridal rituals that can soothe her entire being.

It is how we- the wellness spa in Ontario prepare you for the wedding marathon, and we take pride in this. Also, by the end of your pre-wedding rituals, we encourage you to spend some time with your partner to avoid awkwardness on the big day.

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