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Xperience- The Best Dining Experience Awaits!

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

With the goal of "Adding years to life," Northumberland not only offers you the best alternatives for rejuvenation, but also a balanced diet at Xperience. The fast-paced new-age person understands the value of taking a break. One is always looking for a retreat for holistic treatments and restorative settings. Allow yourself to be taken away into a space that vibrates with Pure Magic while you listen, feel, observe, and experience. Northumberland Heights provides its devoted customers with a variety of amenities for both exquisite dining and a comprehensive international wellness experience.

The property was once a farmhouse {owned by a German family}, which was then converted into a restaurant serving upscale German cuisine, particularly the German Schnitzel. The resort immerses visitors in a timeless ambiance where leisure is the key. Xperience vows to take you on a delightful journey like never before, with a delectable menu, a variety of heartwarming delicacies to select from, and choice of Drinks that will round out your meal just the right way.

Enjoy a wide selection of delectable foods that can be easily picked up via the Dine-In menu and Bar menu. A customized festival menu is available for selected festivals in addition to these two. Come & discover a wide range of fine culinary delights offered in the heart of Northumberland county.

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