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How often have you confused your no-make-up look, sneakers, and stretchy pants with weekend attire? Being the most comfortable, this look is usually considered best for running errands on weekends. However, it is best suited to be carried at the spa retreat. It’s a little different to pack for a weekend getaway than it is for a winter wellness retreat.

Even if you do get too dolled up, you might feel out of place if you wear heels, cocktail attire, and bold makeup. Furthermore, a wellness vacation is all about focusing on the internal rather than the external self. We have developed a list of essentials that you should carry while planning to escape to winter getaways near Toronto. Here’s what you should bring along and what you should consider including on your next winter spa getaway.


Pack your bathing suit

It’s best to bring two so you can wear one while the other dries. For those planning on working out in their swimsuits, we suggest wearing a one-piece as it is less likely to fall off. Otherwise, bring whatever you feel comfortable wearing Your comfort is more precious to us.

Save yourself from sunburn with sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must unless you’re intending to stay indoors the entire time which is impossible when you are at a picturesque property. No matter if it’s winter because it is a lot of time in winter that you like to bask in sun. Always take your sunscreen lotion along when you are out on hikes, relax by the pool, or do anything else outdoors. Nobody wants to return homered and burned.

Flip Flops are your rescue

If you’re staying in a room, you’re likely to find slippers in there, and you’ll probably find ones for the spa facilities, too, but keep them on when you’re around the pool (weather permitting) and outside.

Keep sweat off with workout clothes

During your trip, you should decide how much physical activity you will engage in. Do you plan on doing at least one class a day on the retreat, or will you mostly go hiking and only take a class now and then? We love cropped pants because they are appropriate for yoga, as well as the gym. Keep sweat off your body by wearing tops made of moisture-wicking fabric. That way, you can concentrate on your class without feeling sweaty.

Carry comfort in the form of loungewear

Spa getaways aren’t just about relaxing at the spa or working out. You have the option of taking cooking classes or attending spa workshops. During this time, you will want to wear comfortable clothes such as sweat pants, t-shirts, and big sweaters. Alternatively, you could always stay in your robe all day but that’s quite intimidating. Therefore, to feel the change, snapping in your most comfortable loungewear is a perfect choice.

When you go out for dinner, you may wish to swap out your robe for a more casual outfit. However, feel free not to hang your robe up if you don’t want to!

Don’t forget your sneakers

If you go hiking or take workout classes, you can never go without a pair of sneakers. Make sure you’ve worn them a bit before you try them on, otherwise you’ll end up cursing. That’s the last thing you want to feel on your feet.

Pack a sling bag, potli, or small-sized backpack for personal items

You’ll likely want some personal items to bring with you from your room to the spa. Make sure you have a small bag where you can put everything so you won’t have to carry it awkwardly. For women, a sling or potli bag will do while for men, a small-sized bag pack is the right choice. Of course, you can carry a shoulder pouch too.

Maintain hydration, carry water Bottle

Have you ever noticed how thirsty you get in a spa? We recommend bringing your stainless steel or plastic water bottle to avoid wasting plastic cups. Bringing glassware at the spas is a big no. Additionally, this is better for the environment and keeps you hydrated throughout the day.

Smell good, stay good

Aromatherapy doesn’t have to be limited to the massage table. You may want to bring your scents to use in your room. If you want to keep those chill vibes going until bedtime, a travel candle or essential oil will do. Although your spa resort will take care of your fragrance needs they may not have the same fragrance that you like. Don’t take chances and carry your scent to seduce your senses.

Have a book list?

During a spa vacation, a good book can make all the difference. Do something that makes you feel free instead of checking social media or watching TV. Checking magazines doesn’t hurt either. If you have a book list that you want to explore for a long time but never got a chance to complete, this is probably the right time. Bring a book or two as per your reading capacity and get detox from screentime. Smell between the papers and feel a different kind of relaxation. We bet; this works!

What We Can Offer You?

At Northumberland Heights, we bring to you the maximum relaxation and comfort as you intend to escape to winter getaways near Toronto. Indulge in various winter activities such as hot tubs, trekking, spa, ayurvedic massage, yoga, or meditation to maintain optimum blood circulation and bring your mind, body, and spirit in tranquility. If in this season, you want to bring yourself to utter calm, get your bags packed with all the above-mentioned items, and visit our humble abode. You can also call us to ensure we have everything to make your stay comfortable.

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