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Updated: Sep 26, 2022

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A family that indulges in good habits stays happy, healthy and away from unnecessary stress, and that is proven. Now a day, the family wellness trend is quite popular. People are more likely to opt for weekend spa getaways than buying a ticket to adventurous parks or museums alone! The statistics of travel and entertainment have changed widely over the past few years.

With more and more focus on healthy living, families are concerned about choosing a wellness retreat where they can involve in life-changing habits and immerse themselves in luxurious spa massages with their family members.


Various activities at a wellness retreat center can bring family members close to each other. Despite watching the little eyes buried under the smart-phone screens and having parents hooked up with their laptops or routine work even during the holidays, you witness an opposite scenario at a weekend spa.

Families get involved in group activities such as going for a nature walk together, attending yoga and meditation sessions, enjoying some great massages in each other’s’ company, having fun moments together along the poolside and simply being cozy in their luxurious suites at the wellness resort. All of this brings great proximity and respect for one another while they push each other for accomplishing a particular task or activity.

Needless to mention, getting involved with co-cooking experiences together brings them closer and closer. Wellness spa reports give you the freedom to cook along with your family members. Nothing better than cooking can add some spice to your family bonding.

All of this sounds exciting! Isn’t it, a yes for planning your next family trip? By now, you must be tempted to pack your bags for a spa vacation. We understand, how crucial it is for the family members to experience proximity. Spa getaway deals are a perfect resort to health and happiness for the entire family. Get your spa vacation booked this weekend and gift your family an amazing experience. Wait, before you book one. Here’s what you need to uncover more about a wellness retreat and how it can revive your family life?

Families Adopt Long-Lasting Changes

Wellness retreats give families a chance to reconnect in an entirely different manner. Getting along and acting as a team in various tasks makes them strengthen their bond. However, the most helpful is the takeaway that they carry along even after leaving the retreat.

All that you can take away from a perfect weekend spa are guided weight loss management tips, group meditation habits, stress management practices, motivational and support exercises for your family members. It is all that no other vacation can teach your children. By choosing to spend some quality time with family at a distinguished type of holiday, you develop few new habits that become a life changer for each family member.

Brings Back the Lost Charm in your Family Life

A wellness retreat not only revolves around physical wellbeing but works closely to bring the entire family together by replenishing their thought process. By involving in team-activities like swimming, dancing, games, brainstorming, soothing saunas, perfect dining and so on you can come closer to your family members and vice-versa.

Also, when you take your family to such a kind of retreat you earn great brownie points already for trying to bring everyone on a single platform where all of you can give your 100 percent to existing bonds. Your children feel even more respectful and you leave your spouse in complete ‘awe’. What else a person may dream more about?

Reduces Toxicity Among Families

A lot of weekend spa getaways clubs involve offerings for your extended families so that you can restore harmony with them. Numerous families and their extended family members don’t get along pretty well. It is majorly due to differences or a few time and distance constraints. Some never really get a chance to know each other.

Spa getaway deals are your perfect resort to shorten such differences. With a lot of positive approaches and ice-breaking activities, you can bring your extended families closer and may create an example in front of your kids. Trust me, they will admire you for this again and again. All that children want is peace and love in families. For the children, each side of the family is important. Hence, to give your children a gift of love, plan something as special as a wellness holiday at your earliest.

What you will discover for yourself at a Weekend Spa Getaways?

  • Lost charm among your family members.

  • A sense of pride among your children and spouse or even extended family members.

  • More attention and maybe a tag of ‘the smartest father/mother’ from your children.

  • Inner healing through various yogic and karmic lessons taught at a wellness retreat.

  • Relationship rejuvenation with your partner.

  • Proximity experience that you cannot realize otherwise being at home or any other holiday spree.

  • Technology detox from work, phones, tablets and so on.

  • Health benefits in the form of developing a new healthy lifestyle.

  • Time to reflect upon your past, present and future.

  • Some great connections that could help you build yourself up.

The benefits are many, yet the biggest remains the warmth of your family that you get to feel in real during different activities. We suggest you reflect on your history of holidays taken whether locally, nationally or internationally and compare the learnings with a simple weekend spa getaways.

If you look back you will realize that you may have spent some good time exploring different places and resting at a hotel but can you compare it to the bonding that a wellness retreat can bring to your family! The answer is an absolute ‘No’. Therefore, we suggest you keep a tab on various weekend spa getaways deals that you may get and indulge in some benefitting holidays.

Join us at Northumberland Heights for an exquisite experience at our humble abode in the lap of luxury where nature spreads its wings like an eagle. Reconnect with your family through mindfulness, motivational activities, yoga, spa treatments, cuisine, cooking, pools and games in nature. We’ve got it all covered for you!

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