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Shirodhara massage is one such Ayurvedic massage that begins from the body and reaches to mind. It has a direct impact on any individual through holistic healing. Shirodhara has its roots in India.

With our oh-so-busy schedules and fast life, we often try to find tranquillity. Many a time we may even want to escape to the lap of luxury but not knowing how it can be a real time-waster. Hence, planning a well-focused spa at a wellness retreat is critical. Also, it is critical to choose a balance massage that can soothe your inner being and can contribute to an improved sleep pattern.

With time and tensions, we tend to lose appropriate sleeping which stresses our whole-body system and makes us less immune. In order to bounce back to normal life and a healthy state of being, one may require a perfect massage that can heal the mind, body and soul.

It has been practiced in Indian suburbs for more than thousands of years. It closely works with your ‘doshas’ and brings ‘harmony’ to your whole persona, making you a new person. It is often termed as ‘miracle treatment’ which is recommended for every individual. Everyone should experience this holistic and magical healing at least once in a lifetime, be at a wellness spa retreat or an exclusive massage centre. Let’s dig a little deeper into this ancient healing process.


Shirodhara is a very simple step-by-step massage procedure which includes the following:

Making a person comfortable in a massage bed, closing their eyes and keeping their body covered with a towel or cloth.

Then, the procedure is initiated by pouring the herbal oils onto the forehead in the form of a stream gently. A gentle hand and foot massage are given to the receiver for creating a relaxing environment.

Once the pouring of oils is completed, the receiver can rest for some time. Wellness spa retreats provide hot water bath to remove excessive oil from the body. Needless to mention, to wash the head, medically prepared water is given to the receiver.

After the bath, the receiver may relax for a while and may take his leave.


Shirodhara is performed for at least 60 minutes and may require you to undergo follow-up massages for up to three, seven, fourteen or twenty-eight days as per the requirement of your doshas. The second round of Shirodhara massage should be avoided for up to two weeks after you have already undergone a course. You can always reschedule another round after this gap.

Shirodhara is restricted for whom?

Shirodhara is strictly prohibited for a pregnant woman in her third trimester.

Anyone with sunburn or several rashes or even a single rash on the forehead shouldn’t take this massage.

Anyone allergic to oils should avoid Shirodhara massage, available at massage centers or wellness spa retreats.

This ayurvedic massage therapy is not for those who, by any chance, have undergone neck surgery recently or may have nausea, weakness, acute illness, brain tumour or glaucoma.

What are the Underlying Benefits of Shirodhara?

Stress Management

The major reason for people to look up to wellness spa retreats for this miraculously healing massage is the holistic treatment for stress. The efficacy of Shirodhara massage in relieving stress is unmatched. The gentle pouring of warm oil blended with a mix of herbs lays a perfectly soothing impact on the senses of a person, leading their body towards ultimate relaxation and soothing their brain cells with appropriate calmness.

It takes your mind and body from a state of tension towards complete relaxation. The transition helps the muscles to experience rejuvenation and dilates the blood vessels helping the heart rate to improve.

Major take away: Shirodhara massage can treat Hypertension and Arrhythmia effectively.

Intuition Awakening

The pouring of oils right in the middle of your forehead is often related to the awakening of intuition. It helps resolve past issues and seeing them correctly turning you towards a more positive perspective and making you move faster than ever in your life. With the soothing aura that this massage creates within you, you can leave past traumas or any unfavourable emotional experience behind and lead a progressive life.

No-more Sleep Disorders

With this nerve-satisfying massage, you can bid farewell to sleep issues. Most of the adult population suffer from sleeplessness which is a serious problem. It is due to sleep disorders; people find it difficult to perform at their assigned jobs or fulfill their day-to-day routine. Their emotional and physical well-being gets disturbed which slowly leads to serious health issues. Shirodhara reduces cortisol and helps in relieving stress and improving sleep quality.

No more Anxiety or Panic Attacks

As mentioned already, this is a miraculously healing massage, especially for your brain cells. It leaves your brain toxin-free and improves your cognitive ability to perform better at memory-based jobs where concentration is the key to progress.

It reduces the serotonin hormone and relieves the feeling of anxiety or panic up to a fair extent.

Needless to mention, it restores the optimum Vata and Pita levels in the human body. You may visit your nearest Wellness Spa Retreat center for reaping the benefits of this ayurvedic massage therapy.


As one of the best-known wellness retreats in Canada, we at Northumberland Heights offers more such benefitting massage experiences that caters to provide the best wellness and spa experience to its visitors. Our exclusive offerings in SHIRODHARA massage (SHEE-ROW-DHA-RAA) include 60 minutes of tranquillity leading to a happier you. After the massage, our visitors relax in ‘Hot Tubs’ which remains our exclusivity.

You can also book your stay for more rejuvenating healings and offerings. Alongside, Shirodhara you can indulge in a nature walk or may even savour our kitchen delicacies which are luxuriously made keeping health in mind. Northumberland Heights, one of the best luxury health and wellness retreats welcomes you for your next rejuvenation extravaganza!


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