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Updated: Sep 26, 2022

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Just for you Day Spa: People look forward to spending time at spas. In their bedrooms and bathrooms, many people create spa-like retreats. Though these moments can be memorable, leaving the comforts and routine of home can be even more rewarding.

Enjoy just for your day spas to bring tranquility in your life. It is one of our trendiest inclusions to give you an exquisite experience. Here’s why?

A deeper, more intentional level of relaxation, refocus, and self-care is desired by many people. After the Coronavirus pandemic, people returned to normal life by taking more time to treat themselves and take spa days.

Spas are usually looking for ways to engage their guests with new treatments. However, they aren’t certain what to offer. The spa industry is witnessing new trends in 2021 that we will reflect upon.

Free rides to the spa are trending spa treatments. Small treats like this can make a real difference for customers. It might be time to invest if this is not currently available.


Discussing the most common trends in 2021

Like every product or service, spa treatments are subject to trends. It’s not just facials and massages at the top of the 2021 spa-goers’ list. It is well known that spas can help improve people’s mental health. New treatments are becoming popular this year because of this shift in focus.

Forest Bathing

Nature and ecological awareness are promoted through forest bathing. Since its beginnings in Japan, this trend has spread throughout the world.

The concept is fairly straightforward. A person meditates, soaks in a natural area, bathes, or swims in a wooded area. As a result, we feel more alive, feel more in touch with nature, and learn more about the natural healing around us.

While this may not be feasible for all established spas, it could be an exciting opportunity for others. If your business is situated near a beautiful, heavily wooded area, then this might be the trend to explore. Take advantage of a unique situation and offer forest bathing to customers in 2021.

Solo Spa Days

The solo-spa day trend is expected to continue in 2021. It will be more common for people to book a retreat by themselves rather than take a girls’ trip. Trendy and conventional spa treatments can both be enjoyed alone, and people are benefiting from a break.

In addition to getting the chance to disconnect from technology, spas provide a physical setting for people to disconnect as well. People can focus on themselves instead of the demands of everyday life before jumping back into the same old lifestyle.

Couple Massage

While you and your partner spent most of 2020 and 2021 under the same roof, you still need to spend some quality time together. It is not considered quality time if it is spent at home with partners.

It needs to be created. Couples who get massages together feel complete and happy. No matter who your life partner is, you can still strengthen your relationship with other members of your family or maybe some friends.

During a couple’s massage, you will be able to lay side-by-side and experience a tranquil moment together. The very soothing massage activity can be enjoyed by mom, dad, sisters, or friends. The act of participating in such activities together is also said to strengthen relationships between couples.


Relaxation is provided by aromatherapy massage. Hence, it helps to address a variety of issues depending on the individual’s needs. There are those who require a calming head massage to cure headaches, while others may benefit from an aromatherapy session to get a good night’s sleep.

Depending on the individual’s problem, wellness resorts can customize Aromatherapy sessions to address those issues. The spa vacationers who enjoy its sensual effects are quite fond of it.

Pregnancy Massage

A pregnancy massage differs from a regular massage since certain pressure points were avoided so as not to damage the fetus or the pregnant woman. If your wrist or ankles are massaged, your uterus may contract, causing harm to your fetus.

For this reason, a masseuse will avoid massaging them. Because of this, it is very important that you hire a massage therapist carefully to perform your prenatal massage.

Normally, a visit to the spa would include the same type of treatment. Spa weekends are becoming increasingly popular as people seek out salt scrubs, facials, and steam rooms. Treatments like these may be enjoyable, but they may not always match up with what people want.

Spa-goers are seeking more variety and a more immersive experience with their treatments in many of the new trends emerging in 2021, it appears. The newest and hottest spa trends for this year are more alternative than ever before.

Alternative Therapies

The trend towards alternative therapies is also growing. The spa experience is changing as people choose other kinds of pampering rather than the usual mud wrap and facial treatments.

Spas are looking towards offering treatments like sound baths, light therapy, and energy healing. Holistic healing is emphasized in these therapies.

Northumberland heights wellness retreats offer varied massage therapies. Experience the exquisite just for you day spa offerings. We curate rejuvenating massages for our guests to experience the uniqueness of being on a spa vacation.

Visit us and experience all of it on your own, and give us a chance to mesmerize you every time you step into the different sections of our property. Forest bathing, trekking, hot tubs, and what not! Experience all of it at just one place- at our property Northumberland heights wellness retreats and spas.

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