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We have talked a lot about various holistic healing procedures that we offer under our roof. Today, we are in a mood to elaborate the same a little more so you know what all Northumberland has in store for restoring your health and wellness, being one of the Best Spa in Canada.

You can enjoy dozens of different kinds of massages when it comes to relaxing. You can make the right decision for your well-being if you know the differences between the most popular options.


Swedish Massage

In general, this is the kind of massage that most people have. Relaxing and relieving a little stress are the primary goals of this treatment. Using softer, longer movements, the therapist targets the outermost layers of muscle.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is basically a Swedish massage with increased intensity. The goal of this method is to reach deeper layers of muscle and connective tissues surrounding it commonly referred to as fascia. While deep tissue massage is used for pain relief, the process can be uncomfortable at times. Massage therapists often massage the entire body, but they will focus most of their attention on a specific area of your body that is causing the most pain.


Shiatsu massages often involve a chair or neck massager operated by an automated system. Nevertheless, these devices are designed to replicate the real-life technique that originated in Asia and has become popular throughout the world. In order to foster healing and better health, the masseuse makes short, rhythmic motions with mostly their fingers.


Generally, hydrotherapy or hydromassage involves completely hands-off body massage. An intense jet of high-pressure water relieves tired, sore muscles. The principal advantage of hydrotherapy is that you do not have to book an appointment. Spas and hot tubs allow you to enjoy massages whenever you like.


Although considered a type of massage, it differs in that it is only applied to specific areas of the feet, hands, and ears. The zones around these body parts may stimulate circulation and healing in different organs and muscles throughout the body. These zones can be treated by applying pressure to them in order to alleviate pain and improve function.

Trigger Point

Specific knots and kinks are targeted with this type of massage. The immediate and surrounding areas may experience serious pain as a result of these issues. In addition to restoring mobility and reducing pain, releasing those knots can also assist in reducing tension in the muscles.

Benefit variations and add-ons at one of the Best Spa in Canada

There are other options for massages besides just the basics, so consider them if you want more.

Essential oils make massage treatments more enjoyable for many people. In addition to releasing the tension, natural fragrances promote relaxation and create a more enjoyable experience. During a massage, you may be offered deep breathing exercises and some oils may be applied directly to your skin.

Having your muscles loosen is a great way to relieve tension. It’s easy to add some extra soothing comfort by strategically placing hot stones at specific points, usually along the spine. In addition to helping to loosen knots, hot stones can also improve the effectiveness of a massage. Smooth stones can also be used directly to massage muscles.

Traditional massages should never be given to pregnant women because they may induce contractions. There are, however, prenatal massages that can help relieve aching muscles and improve the mood of both mother and baby.

Sports Massage

Exercises and stretches can be included in a sports massage for anyone with an injury or who is very active. In addition to promoting healing, this can prevent further injury to muscles.

What Type of Massage Should I Get?

It is important to consider your preferences and needs before scheduling a massage. Is relaxation, pain relief, or a reduction in stress and anxiety is your primary goal? Massage therapy, Swedish massage, and hydrotherapy can all help in a variety of these areas. Whether you need medical care or massage, a specialist can help create a plan to suit your needs.

You can also take advantage of the relaxing benefits of massages on your own schedule by adding a spa or hot tub to your home. However, we recommend visiting our wellness retreat, Northumberland Heights to feel how uniquely we can treat you and make you have the best time of your life while being serviced by the best staff that we have onboard.

What makes Northumberland Heights one of the Best spa in Canada is the perseverance that we have shown to serve our guests in helping them lift their souls, not just their bodies. Our soothing massages accompanied by mindfulness make you feel heavenly. Also, we have keenly crafted our services for different types of groups, whether corporates, individuals, or families.

Once served with our mindful wellness packages we are sure you would want to stay more at our property- it is picturesque, serene, and away from the city hustle. What else one might crave among the super rushed streets. Grab your spa deal now.

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