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Updated: Jul 21, 2022

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Health And Wellness Spa: Finally, you booked a relaxing spa session with us to escape the stress and find some peace. After your massage, you may be wondering “How can I prolong this tranquil feeling post-massage?”.”

Here are a few tips to ensure you continue to feel relaxed, even when you are heading home.


1. Choose Your Appointment Wisely

Timing is everything if you want to enjoy the post-spa feeling as long as possible. Taking a spa treatment in the middle of a busy day or week will have little effect when you return to the chaos of your life. We recommend scheduling a session at the end of the day or on the weekend to give you time to fully absorb everything.

2. Stay Hydrated

One of the key benefits of indulging in a body massage is it encourages the drainage of lymphatic fluids to detoxify your body. So drink enough water post-massage to further help the detoxification process and flushing out toxins and waste.

3. Don’t overdo it on your body

You should avoid heavy meals after a massage since they can make you feel bloated. Take a few moments to relax and eat light snacks so that your massage’s therapeutic effects can linger. It’s also a good idea to choose light exercises or yoga to stretch your muscles after your massage rather than doing weight-lifting or hardcore workouts.

4. You Can Make Your Own Spa At Home

You can recreate the calming ambiance of a spa in your home by dimming the lights and playing soothing music when you enter your room rather than turning on your TV or mobile. Set the mood with aromatherapy or a good book while you diffuse some essential oils.

5. It’s time for you to look after yourself!

Do you practice self-care? Practicing it after a massage will relieve you of stress as it will help you forget your troubles. Spend some time taking a nice long bath, pampering your skin with face masks and ubtans, or simply relaxing through meditation. You should enjoy whatever activity fills you with joy.

6. Put an end to bad habits

Usually, after receiving a massage, people return to their old habits and bad postures, which causes them to feel again stiff and aching. Allow yourself to let go of these bad habits so that you can fully benefit from your spa session.

7. Stay away from stress

As a last resort, you should avoid situations you know will increase your anxiety. Our massage sessions are designed to be relaxing and refreshing, so you can get the most out of them!

8. Put yourself through some stretching.

It is likely your massage therapist worked extremely hard to help you get rid of tight muscles and kinks before your session. After your massage, you can maintain your flexibility by doing some easy and relaxing stretches. Massage increases range of motion and flexibility. Take a gentle yoga stretching class or discuss recommended stretches with your therapist.

9. Avoid clenching your muscles

The bodyguard’s muscles it feels may be at risk of damage or injury by attempting to protect them. It is important to prevent your muscles from going into this state when going for a massage due to an injury. Muscle guarding will only occur when the muscles feel sore after your massage, and you can take some prescribed pain medication like an anti-inflammatory to help you resolve the soreness and prevent new muscle sprains from occurring.

The aftercare of massage therapy is an integral part of the treatment. Using these simple tips will allow you to extend the effect of your massage and see how long it can last.

10. Go to bed early

The natural restoration system of our bodies kicks in during sleep. Whenever you plan to get a massage, try to get to the bed a little earlier. The relaxing effects of your massage will help your body to reintegrate into its own restoration process and allow your muscles to stay relaxed longer.


Taking after-spa care will always be beneficial in terms of pursuing the massage benefits and reap a long-lasting benefit out of the same. For a spa-goer, it is quintessential to take home the benefits of a spa massage.

At Northumberland Heights, we take care of this aspect and educate you to become more cautious about the spa learning and benefits that you can take along after the retreat is over.

Belonging to the health and wellness spa industry, Northumberland Heights has catered to a large number of visitors and over time we have entered into the sentiments of our guests. It is to bring them optimum comfort and luxury pre, post, or during their stay at our humble abode.

This blog post is to ensure you understand the vitality of post-massage care and how you can take benefits along with the experience to your home. Are you ready for the spa extravaganza then? Give your excitement wings by dialing our numbers or getting to our site directly.

We will ensure you get the best deals and offers to fulfill your spa needs. Also, one more thing! Have you ever tried to date someone at the spa?

If not, then try today. Add one more beautiful memory to your relationship by indulging in our all the way more exciting couple spa. It will have a lasting impact on your relationship. You will take home exciting memories and understanding. Contact us for more information on this.

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