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Updated: Sep 26, 2022

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It’s been a long time that we have been advocating massage therapy for alleviating pain and discomfort. Massages are a sure shot resolution to managing stress. Its popularity dates back to ancient civilization. At that time, medical science did not depend on technical advancements.

Massaging through our bodies and their particular parts makes us more responsive to physical activity and lowers stress levels. We at Northumberland Heights are an all-Inclusive Spa Resort in Canada that caters to the varied massage requirements of our guests. Not only do we provide ancient massages, but we also offer excellent international massage therapies, and deep tissue massage is one of them.

However, there are certain beliefs associated with deep tissue massage. Many people consider it as an alternative to Swedish massage. Some even exaggerate excess pain due to its deep-tissue effect.

Today, we will take you to an exclusive deep-tissue massaging ins and outs. Stay tuned.


What Is a Deep Tissue Massage?

Deep tissue massage involves deep and slow massage strokes technique to form the varied amount of pressure that can go down to your muscular system. Due to its nature to relieve pain and discomfort with high intensity, it is a perfect solution for those who involve in physical activities.

Extensive physical workouts like high-intensity jogging, swimming, running, or even muscle training can cause tissue breakages. Deep tissue massaging brings back muscular tissues in their positions and heals any muscular injury with optimum effects.

You can Get a Deep Tissue Massage at Our All-Inclusive Spa Resort in Canada.

Northumberland heights wellness retreats and spa is a premier wellness center in the heart of Cobourg. We aim to bring seriousness to holistic fitness through our dedicated spa offerings. To fulfill it, we employ a team of highly professional masseuses who are certified to carry out holistic massage therapies. Our massage therapists take you through rounds of consultations before performing deep tissue massage on your body.

We invite you to visit us if you are looking for a few luxury spa treatments. Our spa packages do not soothe your body alone, but your mind can also be at rest.

Deep tissue massage involves various relieving techniques.

Knotted muscles find their way to ultimate relaxation through deep tissue massage.

Neck, shoulders, and hips are the primary focus during this kind of massage therapy by the therapist. These are the high load-bearing portions of our bodies. Unlike Swedish massage, high-intensity pressure is exerted on the affected area when we talk about deep-tissue massage, yet the same leaves no sign of discomfort or pain due to massaging strokes.

Deep tissue massage is more focused on instilling relaxation in your body. Friction and stripping techniques warms-up on your body before the actual massaging begins. While your masseuse is in action, cooperate with him or her and guide about the most painful strokes so your body can be at rest.

What do you need to do Before Getting a Massage?

Massage involves various body movements and stroking, which may leave you dehydrated. Therefore, we advise you to keep yourself hydrated. It will also help you in keeping your toxin levels at bay.

A deep tissue massage can end up to seventy-five to ninety minutes.

Indulge in a deep tissue massage every two weeks to keep your muscles painless and super active. However, people not having familiarity with deep tissue massage may feel a little discomfort. As the massage continues, it gradually turns into relaxation. Never tense your body posture at the time of deep tissue massage application. Leave your body relaxed during all types of massage because it can leave your body exhausted. Keep it as comfortable as possible. Listen to the advice of your masseuse and lie down in a relaxed and serene position.

So, what is All That You Should Do After a Deep-Tissue Massage?

Relaxing is the key to absorb essential nutrients into your body after a hot and soothing massage. You should rest for at least twelve hours to avoid being sore. It is one of the best alternatives to burning calories. So, you need to put your body at rest.

Go for ice therapy if a feeling of discomfort continues right after the massage. But, do not ignore it as your muscles need immediate attention.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage relieves various issues concerning arthritis, tennis elbow, high blood pressure, fibrillation, plantar fasciitis, or even sports injury.

Also, the same has mental benefits. It can relieve several mental issues. Mental issues could be due to stress, nervousness, anxiety, agitation, or discomfort. Deep tissue massage brings down cortisol levels. It stimulates oxytocin, serotonin, or dopamine levels in the human body.

Deep tissue massage aids in weight loss as it involves muscle stimulation. Overweight people who are serious about losing weight should give deep tissue massage a thought.

Deep tissue massaging application improves posture efficiently. It eliminates the chance of medical dependence and broadens the way for absolutely organic treatment.

Detoxification is atop the list of deep-tissue massage benefits as it involves fine strokes and optimum sweating while maintaining the hydration level in the body. Athletes avail of deep tissue massage services for achieving lactate clearance.

What we can do for you?

Northumberland Heights is an all-Inclusive Spa Resort in Canada, and we offer varied spa and relaxation services for our variety of guests. We aim to provide our guests with a world-class spa experience that can change the way people perceive health and wellness. Our luxurious property in the heart of Cobourg welcomes guests from all over the world for receiving spa benefits. Indulge in the spontaneous spa with our elite masseuses.

Also, we provide facilities for celebrating your special days at our humble abode. You can also indulge your guests in soothing massages and salon experiences. They will bless you with such a great experience, and your celebration will be the new talk of the town. If you are a nature lover, you can seek maximum enjoyment at our property. It is closely knitted with natural surroundings where you can feel the real magic of nature and luxury. Be our guest at our luxurious abode!

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