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There is nothing better than spending a romantic day with your partner away from the city hustle and everyday work life. Couples crave this kind of time-out a lot- it being crisp and full of everlasting memories, though not everyone likes to have a fancy lunch or spend time at the beach.

Spa days for couples have gained a lot of attention in the past few years. Away from regularities of life, breaking all rules of an ideal date, couples want to experience wellness together in a luxurious spa setting that can revive their mutual bonding. Massage therapies are known to have a soothing effect on mind and body, hence, allows both partners to minimize the distance and come closer for celebrating health and wellness.

An ideal spa offers customized couple alternatives that involve few perks of choosing a resort, which can extend numerous complimentary benefits. Likewise, getting massage therapy together is a comfortable feeling for each of the partners. Holding hand-in-hand and entering a luxurious spa gives an altogether different feel to any couple—no wonder why the attraction for a couple-spa has gone overboard in such a little time.


With varietal spa offerings and proximate wellness massages, private sauna, and royal dine-ins, couples create lifetime memories. Such is the magnificence of undergoing spa retreats. Quality massages have countless benefits for couples who are already in love and those whose marriage is going topsy-turvy. Let’s reckon the advantages of couple therapy:

Reduces Stress

Stress reduction is a prime advantage of any spa or massage therapy. However, it has an equivalent role in reducing stress in marriage or exhaution related to marriage. Let’s explain this more precisely.

Couples face extreme challenges in marriage, which makes them a bit distant without falling out of love. In that case, they need a rejuvenation break. Also, new couples feel extremely tired after the marriage rituals and need an escape to feel refreshed. Nothing can be ideal than a massage to bring them closer and reduce tiredness.

Strengthens proximity and rekindles romance between couples

Couple massage boosts proximity and brings back the lost charm in marriages. Unlike other activities spending quality massage time with partners makes couples more caring and nurturing towards each other.

It gives them a much-required break from responsibilities and allows them to explore each other, ponder upon some good old times, realize their mistakes, and apologize to each other for a better start. It is almost difficult for couples in long-term marriages to find quality time for themselves. Couple massage therapies not only bring them closer but rekindles the romantic spark by allowing some good time together.

  • Partners who enjoy wellness spree together stays longer in relationships due to enhanced bonding and support for each other.

  • Studies reveal such partners are often seen in rejoicing mood and experience better blood flow and hormonal equation.

  • Their relationships not only last long but forever due to an increased level of understanding and mutual respect.

  • Massage therapies are a good mood booster. Hence, it keeps the couple’s surroundings more positive.


You can expect a luxurious setting perfectly designed for accentuating romantic feelings among partners. A detailed relaxation therapy arranged next to each other is organized for the couples, which gives them the freedom to talk or look at each other silently. In contrast, the assigned masseuse or masseur gives them the therapy.

A private sauna allows some sensual time. Some spas also make few stressed couples undergo stress management counseling if required. It is often seen that teams going through stressful relationships need this type of counseling therapy before beginning with spa rituals. It brings them into a comfort zone, and they open up better with their partners during a conversation. Without good dialogue, partners can’t benefit from any therapy. Hence, it is critical for the professional counselor to ‘break the ice’ between the two.

At Northumberland Heights Wellness Retreat & Spa in Canada, we bring you to nature, luxury, and therapy at its best. Our property is situated in a scenic place with an irresistible appeal and is apt for couples to spend quality time together. You can indulge yourself in our unique offerings for couples.

We give assisted services to our visitors, and you can communicate your requirements to our agents even before reaching the spa. We make sure you get the best couple experience and revisit us for our distinguished spa services. Our spa days for couples usually gets busier due to custom-designed packages where partners can reap maximum benefits and be happy about spending some pennies for a great purpose. We wish all our visiting couples to benefit from our offerings and become even closer than earlier.

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